Happy New Year and Welcome to Nah Swipe Left!

Happy New Year!

If you survived 2016, give yourself a soul clap. Welcome to Nah Swipe Left (NSL) a blog created by two millennial black young professionals that aims to share some of our collective wisdom gathered from personal experience and the experience of others.  We look forward to sharing our thoughts, advice and humor and hopefully helping you answer common questions and dilemmas like:

  • What does it mean when he/she says?
  • How long should I wait?
  • Is he/she cheating?
  • How does this online/app dating thing work?
  • I like him/her but I dont like them like that?
  • Are we going to get back together?
  • Is he a fuckboy?
  • Can I trust her?
  • Where is this relationship going
  • Is it time to move on?
  • Can we be friends after we break up?
  • Is he/she crazy?

Hopefully, along the way we’ll help you avoid some common dating pitfalls, with practical advice, humor, and wisdom you can use in other parts of your life. Stay tuned the best is yet to come!