About Us

Nah Swipe Left (NSL) was created by two millennial Black young professionals willing to expose themselves and share their views on love, dating, relationships, situationships, and all the chaos that’s comes with it. We are not experts, but we are in the same dating struggle as many of you (in short, “we don’t have the answers, Sway”). However we do hope to foster an environment of healthy dialogue on topics ranging from the economics of dating to telling (not telling) your partner their sex game needs some work. We are offering you the point of view from both sides of the table, male and female so keep an open mind and check us out on the 15th of every month for new perspectives and the 1st of every month for a guest post. Get to know us better below (not like that, just our bios!). Looking forward to the learning and laughs that are sure to come!



Hey friends and soon to be friends. Please call me CoCo, I’m 28 and one of those #melaninpoppin’ Black women that has been sprinkling her #BlackGirlMagic fairy dust all across Los Angeles! The general story is I’m a Chicago native, went to school in Washington D.C., later moved to Dallas and NYC (Harlem World), and have finally landed here in LaLa Land (that’s short for L.A.) where I’m in school…AGAIN (insert thankful but over it face).

So let’s set the stage for the tea that you all really care about, I am single AF as of August 2016, I’ve only dated (whatever that means to you) men and mostly Black men, I come from a single parent home (my mommy will forever be bae) (this is relevant in the context of dating and situationships) and I am just as confused about all things related to love, dating, and relationships as the next person.  I, like many of you hope to get married one day and start a family but I guess I haven’t found the app for me (I am joking…sort of). I have learned a lot from all of my experiences and I am excited to share with you the good, bad, ugly, and hilarious moments I’ve had.



You can call me  Humble Ego  ( I’ll be the first person to say I told you so, and the second to admit I was wrong) and my favorite drink is Honest Tea, with a side of humor. I’m a 30 year old black professional originally from the DMV  with west African roots ( no, I don’t wear smedium shirts & pointy shoes or send e-mails asking for money but, I do love me some jellof rice). I have made pit stops in Durham, Dallas, and Milwaukee (don’t ask bruh). Moved back to the DMV about a year ago and don’t see myself moving anytime soon, unless something pops up.

My dating life is a little bit more hectic than CoCo, who am I kidding? It’s a hot mess. I only date women, and at this point I’m pretty sure I’ve dated every race (pro-tip for the brothers: stop fetishizing other races, they’re all the same). Perpetually single by choice (Lol, the lies we tell ourselves), my last relationship ended in May 2016 but before that I was the Sultan of Situationships and the Prince of Promises. Growing up on 90’s R&B and a West African household, has left me trying to reconcile my desire for a woman who embodies Nikki Minaj and Michelle Obama. I used to think I had all the answers  then  met my ex (just kidding). I’d like to get married one day and have 2.5 kids, but I’d also be fine never marrying and adopting kids / finding a surrogate mother ( don’t tell my mom though). In all seriousness, I’d like to think my reputation as the friend who always has some crazy dating story and a unique ability to see through people’s B.S. like Superman’s x-ray vision has made me qualified to give advice on the perils of man / woman encounters that I hope to share with you guys in a fun and light-hearted fashion. At the end of the day life is too short, not to have fun with it.